With Maria’s help my fairways hit and greens in regulation has improved significantly.

I bought a Christmas lesson package last year and started taking lessons in the spring.  I was immediately impressed with Maria’s ability to analyze my swing and explain in simple terms what I was doing and why I had the ball flight I did.  I was a 7 handicap when I started last spring and am now a 5.5 handicap.  Maria will also video tape your swing and show you in slow/stop motion what is going on with your swing.  Then give you instruction in how to make improvements.   I plan to take additional lessons from Maria to work on specific parts of my game and I give Maria my highest recommendations”.
– Mark, Saint Charles, Missouri.  5.5 Handicap

What do Maria’s Students have to say?

Chesterfield, Missouri

“As an older golfer who started golf late in life, I had some serous swing issues.  Although I consulted various golf instructors, there was no lasting improvement until I started working with Maria.  Through private lessons, her golf clinics and web videos and golf fitness suggestions, I am now hitting the ball longer and straighter, lowering my handicap, and enjoying golf much more.  So give her a try.  You too will be pleased at what she can do for your golf game.”   

Angela Martin
Arnold, Missouri

“A couple of months ago, I was looking into taking a couple of golf lessons to improve my skill of the game.  I had previously played golf several years ago but had not played in approx.. 3yrs and never had any professional lessons, just basically learned through trial and error.   After researching Maria and her history of the game, I found myself booking my first 3 lessons with her.  Immediately upon meeting Maria, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable  and very approachable.  She was thorough in finding out exactly what I was in need of and how she could best help me with my game and therefore was able to customize my lessons to fit my needs for improvement.  In just those first few lessons, my swing had improved significantly and I had hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before!   No more hitting those trees now, fairway here I come!  If you a first time golfer and just getting into this game or just need help in improving your game, I would highly suggest Maria Palozola!  She is knowledgeable, friendly and her advice actually works and you will see results!!” 

Connor Eghigian

During my two and a half years of Maria being my instructor, I have taken the biggest leaps in my game, and it’s all thanks to her. She has broadened my view on the game and it has helped me to improve and succeed immensely. She is very involved with my game and always hands on at my lessons. She is always concerned with my game and is always willing to help when I am struggling. Her attitude is always positive and it has a great effect on my demeanor. Maria is all a golfer could ask for as an instructor.”

More Testimonials

I highly recommend Maria’s instruction to anyone

“I took several 1-hr. private lessons last year with Maria and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  She asked what I wanted to get out of the lessons, took videos of my swing, and then proceeded to come up with a lesson plan specifically for me.  I really connected with her and her teaching  methods.  And this past summer I became the 2014 women’s club champ in the A flight at my home course!  I highly recommend Maria’s instruction to anyone.”  
– Maria, Eureka, Missouri.

I highly recommend her lessons for both a novice golfer and someone looking to find improvement in their game.

“I am a novice golfer and while I have tried picking up the sport before I have always been frustrated and confused leading me to abandon the sport.  Maria’s approach of breaking down the swing into it’s components has allowed me to understand the process of a proper stroke much better and allowed me to progress in my game.  Her use of video is very helpful in correcting my mistakes and allowing me to see first hand where I go wrong.  She has a wonderful approach, is very patient and clearly has mastered the art of teaching golf.”
 – Dana Swanson, Creve Coeur, Missouri

More Testimonials

Maria is very good at communicating what the problems were and what needed to be done to correct them.

“I recently had a series of 4 lessons with Maria to fix problems with my golf swing.  I had lost distance on my drives and was struggling with a very incosistent game every round I was playing and wanted to get back to how I played when I was younger.  Maria started out by talking with me about what I was hoping to achieve and what issues I was having.  She very quickly started identifying and fixing problems with my setup and other bad habits I had developed and not realized.  I have been very happy with the progress.  This included drills to reenforce the correct swing techinques and other changes she has made.   Since I have completed my lessons with Maria my swing has improved both in distance, accuracy and consistancy.  I continue to use several of drills she suggested to ingrain the swing changes.   I would definitely recommend her anyone wanting to improve there game.”
– Tom Bridges, Town and Country, Missouri

More Testimonials

While she helped with my all-around swing, she really helped me improve my short game quickly.

“Maria is the third teacher I have had and the first time I actually understood the golf swing.  Maria is extremely good at explaining where your swing breaks down, why, and how to address it. Then she works with you in drills with her infectious positive reinforcement to put that understanding into action. I haven’t gotten my handicap down to single digits but am close after being in the high teens.  I have recommended Maria to several of my playing buddies and if you are looking to improve then give her a call.”
– T Westrich, Manchester, Missouri
“Maria – I really enjoy your instructional videos.  They are helpful and right on point.  Can’t say enough about your personal instruction either.  Thanks !”
 – Dick Travers, St. Louis, Missouri