The Junior Golf Development Program

The Junior Golf Development Program is designed for junior golfers of all skill levels. Our mission is to provide a value based program that develops junior golfers of all levels into competitive golfers. But more than that, we look to provide a program that provides all of the tools that the junior golfer will need to become a well rounded person.

Our program accomplishes this mission by providing a nurturing, supportive environment for the golfers, where they are more than golf students, they are part of the Bethpage family. We achieve our mission by hosting multiple practice sessions throughout the week which really allows us to get to know the kids. Our team of coaches, sports medicine experts and mental coaches provide all of the tools that every good golfer deserves. We enhance the young golfers course management skills through more golf course practice time. After setting up a competitive schedule, we send coaches to golf tournaments to coach the kids. We provide tutoring service so that parents can drop their kids off and pick them up a couple of hours later, secure in knowing that golf practice, a work out and homework were all done at one place. We write a monthly newsletter with tips and advice on how to make your young golfer the best he/she can be. We provide a player lounge and study room so that the kids have a safe and fun place to relax and be with friends. And we do all of this at an economically feasible membership fee.

After an evaluation, juniors will be placed on one of our 5 teams – (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black) based on age, ability and tournament experience.

Practices will consist of fitness work outs, mental preparation, swing work, short game, and course play.  Each lead by a skilled member of our team. Evaluations by our professional staff will be held to ensure progress is being made. Each team will have a designated coach for practices and players will be escorted by their coach to tournaments.

Tutoring services will be provided once a week for those members that are participating in the 3x a week membership level.

Summer Program - July & August

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The summer program is 5 days per week for all teams, much like a summer camp. You can choose between half and full day programs.

The half day program is suggested for the younger and less experienced golfers. The half day golfers will most likely play one day of tournaments each week and will have 4 days of camp. On non-tournament weeks, the players will have 5 days of training.

The full day program is suggested for intermediate and advanced players that can handle 9-18 holes of golf. Players in this program will most likely play two tournaments a week and will have 3 full days of training. The weekly schedule will vary dependent on the tournament schedule.

3 options to choose from:

  • Half Days – 4x / week, half days, 1x / week tournament- $500 / month
  • Full Day – 3x / week practice, 2x / week tournament play – $750 / month
  • Full Day- 5x per week- $400/week

Starts July 8th

Monday – Friday

Half-Day Program: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Full-Day Program: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

*Lunch is NOT Included in Tuition. Bring Your Own or Order Hot Lunch at the Clubhouse*

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